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Queer@Queen’s: Queen’s, Outburst and Queer Arts in Belfast

Belfast was a somewhat different place in 2008 when the first Queer at Queen’s took place. The region’s LGBTQI+ community had been dealt a blow by, firstly, a number of serious homophobic attacks that had occurred in the preceding years and, secondly, by the public and political response to those attacks, including the now infamousContinue reading “Queer@Queen’s: Queen’s, Outburst and Queer Arts in Belfast”

Pride in Solidarity Audre Lorde event recording

On 13 September the Centre for Gender in Politics co-hosted an event with HEReNI. The event was virtual and open to the public. We began the event with a screening of the film ‘The Berlin Years’ which, ‘documents Audre Lorde’s influence on the German political and cultural scene during a decade of profound social change,Continue reading “Pride in Solidarity Audre Lorde event recording”

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