Conversation with Gemma Bird launches new CGP theme ‘Feminist Dialogues on the Politics of Borders’

This year our research theme is ‘Feminist Dialogues on the Politics of Borders’. With this theme we will explore the following key areas:

  • Border politics in the everyday: race, gender, sexuality
  • How can feminist and queer theory resist and move beyond borders of the nation-state?
  • What work are activists doing to confront the violence of the UK border regime, the hostile environment, to protect migrants?

To kick off our conversations on this theme, we had a conversation with Dr. Gemma Bird during the Political Studies Association 2021 which was hosted at Queen’s University Belfast in March. CGP’s co-director Dr. Maria-Adriana Deiana served as discussant for the event with Bird.

Dr Gemma Bird is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Politics at University of Liverpool. Her research sits at the intersection between political theory and International Relations. Since 2017 Dr Bird has been working on a collaborative research project IR Aesthetics with colleagues from Aston University. As a part of this project, she has looked at questions of border governance, citizenship, visual politics and provisions for refugees on the Balkan Route(s). Besides her book ‘Foundations of Just Cross-Cultural Dialogue in Kant and African Political Thought’, she has published in leading journals in the field including Cooperation and Conflict and Citizenship Studies.

You can watch the full conversation here:

Please watch the blog and CGP social media to be informed of future events and emerging research from our 2021 theme.

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